Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Posting Again!

Almost 3 months passed since I posted last time. Not that I have not been reading daily the posts of the blogs I follow and admiring all the beautiful works, but I was not in the mood to take photos, which was my DH job today, because since Autumn got in I have been full of pains because of my operation. I thought the worst was gone, but the weather has been showing me that I still have a long way to go in what having my muscles and bones in "good working order" are concerned.

Anyway I have been doing some cross stitching and at the moment I am in knitting mood, which I wasn't for many years now.

So, here is what I have been doing:

A scissors fob

I took the pattern from a Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine and mirrored it so I could get to triangles joined together.
As to the scissors I'm showing it in the original box I got them. I bought them in ebay as my 50th birthday present and when I got them I had the very pleasant surprise to see they had been a birthday present for someone who had the same birthday day I have and precisely 50 years before.
LHN design

Even though I love the LHN designs this was the first one I cross stitched and I love it.

Old fashioned ways

This sampler is a tribute to mum and I. It will go on the top of a box and so I had specific measurements to create it. Not to have to be sitting at the computer, where I have 2 cross stitch programmes to design I used the old paper and pencil and so I could do it sitting on my sofa!

This sampler is a mixture of all I love in a sampler: alphabets, house (this is a typical Portuguese one), people (mum and I) animals (doves, stork, peacock and the dogs will be in too), trees and flowers.
It's stitched with 2 over 2, except the phrase, which is 1 over 1.

I'll show some more photos of it when I complete it, as...

... for the moment I'm in a knitting mood:

Woolen long cardigan
This this the back of the cardigan. For the first time I am creating a pattern and see how it goes along.
The back consists on 4 different parts: first I knitted the bigger part in a A shape, then a braid that was sewn along it, afterwords I knitted the upper back from side to side and to finish the lower part.
Now let's see what I will come up for the front!

I hope you enjoy watching my pics and leave a comment. they always make my day.

Love to you all


Susimac said...

Gorgeous stitching , I really like your fob. How lovely that your gift won your birthday was anothers on the same day, vintage pretties are wonderful like that.

I look forward to seeing your cardigan finished, I like the wool colour.

Brigitte said...

So sorry to read that your health hasn't been restored completely yet. So just take it easy and take a step at a time.
But you have been busy stitching some wonderful things. Great projects and finishes.

~mj~ said...

How amazing that original owner of the scissors had the same birth date!! True serendipity! I have just found your blog...i`m not sure if you are still posting, but I am going back to the beginning to read it all.

ttfn mj