Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An update after all these months without posting

For many and various reasons - health, motivation, lack of time, ... I have not posted in many, many months.

So, here goes a first update of these months in what hand work is concerned:

1) I was very lucky to have been one of the three winners of the Side-tracked Give-a-way made by Robin of Crafting with the Stitch Witch.

2) I entered an embroidery competition recently.

3) Finaly some pics of the work I have recently begun - another try of the traditional Portuguese Castelo Branco embroidery. So far I am still in the preparation phase, but will start stitching most probably tomorrow and in my next post I expect to have photos to show you of some embroidery done.

This is another WIP to add to my growing collection!

In my next post, besides more photos of the progress of this work, I will show you photos of the progress I made in other WIPs.

I hope you come and visit my blog again and leave a comment.

Have a wonderful time... and until my next post.


cucki said...

Hi I am so happy to see your post..
Great gift..and lovely wip
Big hugs xxx

Siobhán said...

It's good to see you posting again! I've not been feeling the stitching or blogging mojo lately, either, but figure--post when you can and enjoy life always! Lovely giveaway prize! Lucky you. Your WIP is so nice, too.

Ele said...

Hallo Cristina,

vielen Dank für deinen Blogbesuch und deinen Eintrag als regelmässige Leserin dort.
Dein Blog sieht auch sehr schön aus, genauso wie die Handarbeiten, die du machst.

viele Grüße aus Bayern
nach Portugal


Margaret said...

It's good to see a post from you! Nice win you received. And I love the embroidery piece so far. Looking forward to seeing some stitches on it!

Unknown said...

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