Sunday, February 9, 2014

What a harsh Winter!

Yet another Atlantic storm - this one is called "Stephanie" and is starting to hit Portugal, along with all the other countries of Western Europe, such as the British Isles. I hope this huge storm is the last one and from now on we can have just a "normal" Winter.

Here at home the girls made themselves very cozy on this very wintery Sunday, as you can see...


... as I try to knit a bit.

At the moment I am knitting the second rectangle for my poncho, so that I can put both parts together and assess the right size for both parts.


I also have been stiching a bit on my M. Quertier (1799) from a Scarlet Letter chart. Just instead of stitching in black, I am doing in colour as you can see from the photo


I like to have different WIPs on, so that I don't get borred in working only on one thing... well to tell the truth I have several cross stitch WIPs on... I'm sure I'm not alone there!

Tomorrow another working week begins and let's see what I can do in the handwork front and if I will have any updates to show you next week.

Until then I wish you a very good week and a milder Winter.


Barb said...

I hope this nasty winter ends soon for everyone. M.Quertier is looking lovely.

Annette said...

Indeed I really hope the winter is over soon..
This is terrible!!
Your pieces looks lovely, have fun on them

Cristina said...

The weather is better this weekend.

Vickie said...

Yes! This is such a very cold winter for us.
Your girls are precious!
Your project is beautiful.