Monday, June 15, 2009

The fabric is 29 count and I am stitching one over one.

I am not as comfortable as it seems, as my dog robin can't see me sitting there without coming to my lap to sleep.

I love to live in front of a park - the trees are very relaxing and soothing.

Due to a hectic time at school, I have not been having time to post, better said, I have not much to show.

Anyway today I decided to post the photos I sent yesterday to Jacqueline, Needleprint, showing of where I stitch, the view of my window and my very, very start in mary Wigham. I must say I tried 3 different fabrics and chose one that looks very rustic and is a kind of wool. Let's see how it will look like when I has several different colours on.


Cenoura said...

My dear Cristina,
OBRIGADA pela tua visita! Fiquei assim a conhecer "cantinhos" fantásticos!!!
Adorei os teus blogs, sou perfeitamente "perdida" por quakers e estou encantada com o que vi! Só tenho pena de ter chegado tarde e de já ter outros trabalhos em mãos e o tempo não dar para tudo...
Vou acompanhar-te de perto!
Beijinho grande

Love to Stitch said...

Your Mary Wigham start is fabulous!! Cant wait to see more 'over 1'!! Great job, is is gonna be fun to watch!

Brigitte said...

I love your start of Mary Wigham. Looks great so far.