Friday, October 12, 2012

Castelo Branco embroidery; Map of England... and of course Robin

I have begun my "sort of" Castelo Branco embroidery. I say "sort of" as I have never been taught how to do it properly - all I know is the result of my researches.

I'm pleased with it, but it has been difficult to work on a fixed frame. I like to work with the fabric in my hand and turn it around when needed. Like this I can't and had to figure out how to embroider the different stitches having the fabric always in the same position. Here you can see how the ladies embroider Castelo Branco.

My husband and I adapted his table easel to make stand for the frame. It looks quite good, don't you think?

I am using the natural silk threads that are used for this embroidery and they are beautifully smooth and the colours are very nice.

These are the silks I am using.

During Summer I also made some progress in my map of England. This is how it looks like now.

Today is Robin's birthday - 12-years-old! He was a Christmas present from a friend. It seems unbelievable that he has shared my life for the last 12 years.

This is his latest photo, grabbing 2 new bones - his own and his sister's Georgina.

Georgina is 4-years-old and we adopted her from a shelter. She had been put together with her sister in a bin, when she was around 3 months old. She is my shadow - every step I make she is right behind me... but she always follows "daddy" any time of day or night as long as he heads to the kitchen! 

I hope you come for a visit and leave a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend.


cucki said...

wow very lovely embroidery..
and your map is coming along so lovely too...
awww cute georgina with sweet fellow..
hugs xxx

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness, your dogs are soooo cute! Your map -- I love what you've done with the "map of England" and the compass thingie -- cool! And your embroidery -- gorgeous!

Anne said...

The Castelo Branco embroidery is amazing and so vibrant! It'll be stunning once completed! The easel looks very handy!! Love the map and your doggies are too cute!!


Karoline said...

Both your embroideries are looking lovely

Happy birthday to Robin

Nicola said...

Your work is exquisite as are your dogs. My Blue always takes Poppy's bone too.

Rliana said...

Can you teach me some stitches from Castelo Branco embroidery?