Saturday, August 24, 2013


I hope you are all having an awesome August and the ones on holidays, are really enjoying it. 

 My cross stitching is still pretty much on the side, as Robert and I have been decorating and I also have been sewing. 

 After a lot of debate we decided to adopt a new baby dog, not to fill in Robin's place, but to make the household whole again. Georgina was still feeling a lot to be on her own, especially when we had to go out. I also needed more nice and healthy confusion at home.

 Josephine was adopted from an association of volunteers that don't even have a shelter, but they do their best to protect, feed, take to vets and find adopters for the animals, that are abandoned in their town

 Josephine's mother was abandoned either when she was pregnant or after with her babies. They were found by a volunteer in a park by a chapel: mum, 2 brothers and her. As she didn't have much contact with humans, she is rather a very timid and fearful girl. But Georgina adopted her as soon as she set her eyes on the baby and feels very protective and "motherly" towards Josephine. 

Here are some of the photos of our family new addition.

The last photo is from Josephine with her mum and brothers. 
She is the one on the right and she must take after her dad, as she doesn´t look like her mum at all. She's thin and long-legged. 

 Soon I will post more and this time I will show some progress of my projects. I wish you all a nice Sunday and week.



cucki said...

Aww cute..
Kisses x

Parsley said...

They are precious!

Anne said...

Awww! They are so sweet! Nice to see a photo of you Cristina! I hope all is well with you!