Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mary Wigham update

Here goes a bit more of my Mary Wigham sampler. The colours are starting to come together to achieve the effect I wanted. What do you think?
Unfortunately the white medallion isn't showing in the pic.


Stef said...

Your color combination is gorgeous! Mine is coming out a little too pastel for me, but we'll see after I get a few more colors added to the linen. Love your blog and watching your progress on Mary.

Eliza said...

Love it!
It is very pretty! I love your colors!


mariazinha said...

Oi Cristina,

Adorei teu trabalho e o sal de Maria Wigham, vou tentar borda-lo, posto aqui meu progresso.



Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful, Cristina!

Sylvie said...

I am very pleased you joyned my blog, I did not know aboyt your blog but now I will visit you frequently. I also like samplers very much.

Thanks so much.


Lily Boot said...

My goodness - that is such beautiful work - so fine and delicate. I love the colours you have chosen - especially the yellow. I'm so looking forward to watching your progress.