Monday, August 3, 2009

Mother stork

As I am changing the palette of colours I thought I could go a bit further and also change some elements.

Since we don't have squirrels in Portugal I thought of replacing it by a stork, because we have many where I live.

Afterwords I thought it could be even more meaningful to me, as my mum used to tell me I had been brought by a stork. So, I decided to add a chick, symbolising my mum and I (the only chick/child in this nest).

As next Thursday, 6. August will be one year that my mum left us, here is a very warm thought for her, whom I miss extremely.

Robert made some magic with photoshop, so that the white stitches in the stork and chick could be noticed in the photo.


Miritam said...

Hola Cristina pasaba a visitarle y que grato es ver lo que ya bordo me gusta mucho su estilo que bello le quedo su SAL con las cigueñas, me gusto muchisimo!!!!! Como se llama esa tela para bordar??? Yo vivo en Guatemala un pais de la America Central si me dice el nombre me pondre a buscar la tela, o sera que solo por internet existe???
Saludos cordiales, Su seguidora y admiradora Miriam de Gomez Gracias por su atencion!!! Un beso a robin!!!!

Ashley Kay said...

This is really nice. You get some really nice artwork here.

Ashley Kay