Saturday, March 12, 2011

My heart goes to Japan

Every time either I haven't photos of cross stitch to show or I'm not well I tend not to post as I feel I have nothing to say!
I caught a very bad cold in the beginning of the year which still lasts! It has been affecting me immensely as I don't feel well physically and due to sneeze and cough I have been enduring more pain in the bones of my chest - more like the pains I felt after the operation.
So I have not been having any disposition to cross stitch or do any other hand crafts, because I have been feeling very down.

But today I felt like saying something: I was very touched with Chris and Yuko postings.
It is sad for me to realize that when I am down, seeing that there are others who are worse than I, shakes me and brings me up.

I want to leave here all my thoughts and prayers to the Japanese people - my heart is with them

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Denise said...

Hope your cold goes away soon. Maybe another trip to the doctor?

I tend to have a nasty cough when sick - so I know the pain of which you speak.

Get better soon - please!