Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dolls' Houses rugs

After a long time without posting, mainly due to health "ups and downs", I am showing you today something other than cross stitch: 2 rugs done for a doll's house I am assembling and furnishing.

These rugs were made with the "Arraiolos" stitch, which is a Portuguese traditional stitch for normal rugs (you can see some pics of the rugs I made in this post).

You can see the reverse of each of the rugs on the pic on the right, as well as their sizes.

Even though I love cross stitching, sometimes it is a nice change to experiment something different and work with other stitches.

I would love to have your opinions on my experiment.


In My Prime Time said...

How lovely! I am very interested in this as I now have a grand daughter and we are giving her a doll house for Christmas - I am hoping to stitch some things for it and have seen some small design books on Amazon.
Your work is so nice - thank you for sharing !!

Sally said...

They are beautiful. So neat and beautifully stitched.

Chris said...

These are beautiful, what a clever idea.. and do hope you'll feel better soon

Hugs Chris x