Saturday, May 23, 2009

The steps to stitch an Arraiolos rug

Hi to all,

In this post I am starting to give you some information on how to stitch arraiolos rugs. If I can give a title to this first step, it would be:
"Steps/order of stitching a rug"

  1. As cross stitch, the Arraiolos has to be stitched in a certain order so the rows of stitches are shown one stitched from right to left and the next from left to right;
  2. order of stitching:

- first the borders of the border;

- then the borders of all motives

- then filling in the motives

- and lastly the ground of the border and the ground of the centre.

I found this Portuguese blog, which has a very clear flash presentation on the right of the screen. I will make a small film or take photos of me doing the stitches, but that will be step 2...

... meanwhile feel free to ask questions

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Unknown said...

Dumb question, but how do you copy a pattern onto a blank canvas for arraiolos?