Saturday, May 23, 2009

Portuguese Arraiolos Stitch - material and stitches

Materials: hessian - this is a special type of hessian for arraiolos. You have all the squares done, (like a aida for cross stitch) and big 10cm(20 stitches) long squares marked. But the normal hessian fabric is also usable, though not so pratical.
wool - this is a special 100% wool that usually is dyed with natural corants.

Here you can see a border I am stitching for a hessian rug - my first step was stitching the inside border, after the outside one, then the inside red and finally the green. Always being attentive that each rows are alternate: right/left and left/right.

This is the back. See that the position of stiches change according to the position of the sides of the rug.

Here I have a bit already finished. I was dying to see the end result of the colours.

And its back


Unknown said...

I live in Bakersfield-CA and I would love to make a work like that. I made it before but here i don't know where I can buy the material on-line. Some suggestion? Thanks

Unknown said...

where can i find the materials to make arraiolos here in south florida ??

Unknown said...

hi everyone, I'd like to know where in florida I could find materials to make arraiolos, who knows????? thanks